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Psychological, neuropsychological, and electrocortical effects of mixed mold exposureNEUROTOXICITY can cause irreversible nervous system damage related to cell death or permanent alterations of cell structure and receptor sensitivity.

Heart of the matter

Heart of the matter: an existential investigation uncovers a lot of hot airAccording to the gospel of Spinal Tap, there's a very thin line between clever and stupid. To this inarguable truism, I would add that there's an equally thin line between clever and clever dick.


Violence: incidence and frequency of physical and psychological assaults affecting mental health providers in GeorgiaIT HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR SOME TIME that mental health professionals are not immune from physical and psychological trauma and its potential sequelae (Jayaratne, Vinokur-Kaplan, Nagda.

Rehabilitation of a Patient

Rehabilitation of a Patient with Functional Instability Associated with Failed Back Surgery, TheObjective: A report of a case of a low-tech non-dynamometric functional exercise program in the rehabilitation of a functionally unstable lower back, associated with failed back surgery.

Erectile dysfunction after

Erectile dysfunction after fracture of the pelvisMale sexual dysfunction after fracture of the pelvis is more common than previously supposed with rates as high as 30% reported when the complaint is specifically sought. With the increase in survival from major injuries.


Acne Cures Do Not Exist

Suffering from acne can be a socially debilitating disease for a lack of a better term. If you are someone who suffers from acne there is no doubt in my mind that you tried to find a cure for it. Unfortunately no case of acne is ever the same as another.

There are a number of things that can cause acne breakouts from sunburn, too much chocolate, oily skin or even stress. Certain soaps and conditioners can also trigger acne flare ups. Puberty is when acne first rears its ugly head making social gatherings a little uncomfortable. Despite acne cures like Proactiv are littered across the television and other places there is, I'm sorry to say, no such thing. It is a hard truth that acne cures do not exist.

So-Called Drug Cures Drug therapies like Proactiv and Clearasil offer short term relief. Clearasil has been around since the late 50s and is a means to clean the skin of excess oils which block pores. Proactive is a newer medical cream used to stimulate the pores into opening further and releasing oils.

Accutane, on the other hand is more long-term. Accutane is a prescription drug only received by dermatologists. Side Effects Many drugs, like Accutane, may offer a long term relief but also come with a laundry list of harmful side-effects. Accutane has side effects that include loose bowel movements, migraines, skin irritations and chest pains. Clearasil can cause more skin irritations than it can cure and should be used sparingly over only tough times.

Proactiv is the new wunderkind of acne "cures" but the reality is that it's just a cream. Over use can cause severe dry skin. Natural "Cures" There are many natural cures available, like Fish Oil or Flax Seed, but they only tend to ease the suffering in certain cases.

Many natural stimulates can be found wherever you go. Flax Seed is found in a dietary supplement as well some foods. Fish Oil helps to release the oil in your pours so that your skin can breath ? in essence doing away with the cause of acne. Certain teas, such as Green Tea and White Tea, are wrought with natural antioxidants which can prevent acne. Lose The Stress One key causes of acne is stress.

Find stability in your life and a calming influence and you will, over time, see acne fade away. Work stress is the biggest cause of late-life acne. Remember to breath and take it easy when you can. Your family is important to you but can cause serious stress triggers that will leave you with acne.

Healthier Eating Many foods can cause excess oils to be produced. Eating a diet high in fiber and protein while cutting out greasy foods will help greatly. Like stress, the foods you eat for your busy life can cause you to get acne.

Simple changes could surprise you. Avoid foods that are fried in oil as the excess oil will cause your pores to block up and acne will develop.

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